Smart home automation allows to control different devices and their functions at your home. For example security, heating, lights, shades, ventilation, irrigations and many more…

All these devices are connected into one single system which is possible to control from one application.

It is possible to set automation functions, which will save your precious time.

s the cornerstone of every household. Smarthome allows to connect all the security devices and effectively protect your property agai


Is the cornerstone of every household. Smart home allows to connect all the security devices and effectively protect your property against:

  • fire
  • water and oil leackage
  • gas and carbon dioxide leackage
  • overload of electric appliances
  • burlgary


The Inner climate in your household significantly affects the fact how you do feel at your home. Temperature, humidity and CO2 (carbon dioxide) content in the air, intensity and colour of the light.  Measurement of all these parameters we can effectively control: 

  • heating and cooling
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • shades and blinds
  • lights


Easy and intuitiv controls as well as automatic functions make your life easier and save your valuable time!

  • automation of daily routine tasks 
  • measuring of energy consumption
  • control to the system also via buttons
  • remote acess from anywhere



Wireless devices can be flexibly arranged without the need to install a cable. There is no problem to move them at any time. This represents a significant saving of time and wiring costs. The system can be supplemented at any time with additional elements. Savings for installation compared to cable systems can be about to 15% for new buildings and up to 70% for renovations.


All sensors and sensors using EnOcean® technology have very low energy consumption and use only ambient energy for their operation. This frees the owner or operator from monitoring the condition of the batteries, their regular replacement and subsequent disposal. The system is therefore completely maintenance-free! This brings further significant savings in operating costs. In addition, the environment is not burdened.


An open system of almost unlimited possibilities that can be extended at any time. It is possible to implement a unique system, controlled by a smartphone. Possibility of extension and addition of products from other manufacturers. EnOcean® and Wi-fi are available as standard. The converters ensure compatibility with other systems such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Warema and Hormann.