Sensors and detectors with EnOcean® technology use energy from the surrounding environment to operate.

Devices using EnOcean® technology are innovative solutions for automating sustainable building projects. Buildings are more energy-efficient, flexible and operationally very effective.

The AFRISO Smart Home building automation system with EnOcean® technology represents an increase in comfort and significant savings in installation and operating costs, and a quick return on your investment.



The principle uses the power of motion to generate wireless signals-telegrams. For example, when a button is pressed, an electromechanical transducer is activated and this movement generates the energy to send the telegram. The telegram enables a light or household appliance to be switched on. The same function can be used for a motion window contact that detects whether a window is open or closed.


Wherever daylight is available, even less than 200 lux per day, solar cells harness this small amount of energy to operate a wide range of wireless sensors. These include sensors and controllers for temperature, humidity, CO2, motion sensors or window or door magnetic sensors.


A temperature difference of just 2°C produces enough energy for a module containing a DC/DC converter and a Peltier cell. This energy harvesting principle is used to control thermostatic actuators for heaters, where the difference between their temperature and the ambient temperature provides sufficient energy for wireless communication with a solar powered temperature controller.


Power management and highly efficient energy storage are the cornerstones to wireless and battery-free technology. EnOcean® modules combine ultra-low power micro energy converters with reliable wireless communication. Although only a very small amount of power is required for wireless transmission, it offers a long signal range. In buildings it is up to 30 m and in open spaces up to 300 m. One of the main reasons for the ultra-low power consumption is the transmission time itself. The transmission of a single telegram (sending and receiving) takes only 1 millisecond (ms). Two such short telegrams are sent within 30 ms in order to eliminate any transmission error.ECHNOLOGIE


EnOcean® wireless technology is essential for flexible wireless building automation with minimal system acquisition costs and installation time. It is suitable for renovation of existing buildings as well as installation in new homes and buildings. The entire system can then be expanded at any time according to the current user requirements.


The security of the transmission is ensured by sending two asynchronously consecutive, very short, encrypted telegrams with a floating code. Each device has a unique address. The data is encrypted by each transmitter individually and then decrypted by the respective receiver.


Research by the independent ECOLOG institute has shown that the intensity of radio frequency radiation produced by EnOcean® wireless and battery-free technology is 700 times lower than that of Wi-Fi transmission and 100 times lower than that of conventional wired systems. In addition, compared to other wireless systems (such as Wifi), these devices only transmit for a few milliseconds and are only active when data is being transmitted. As a result, even people sensitive to electromagnetic radiation can use this wireless system. In addition, EnOcean® technology does not produce any low-frequency radiation and therefore no electrosmog.